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 Ok so today I sent Eric a birthday text telling him "I know you dont wanna hear from me but... Happy Birthday and I hope it is the best one yet. May God bring you a long life and happiness." Then he sent me a message with something I did not understand so I called him and he started yelling saying I had made a fake profile on a website and was slandering his boyfriends name. I would never have done that. So we argued and he told me he was going to send people to kick my ass and he hopes I end up in the morgue. I was afraid for my life so I called the cops and they came to my work and talked to me. Needless to say they didnt do a damn thing. I then told security and Eric is now banned from the mall i which I work. It hurts that I had to do that. Then on a cigarette break I made a call to this guy Josh and asked him about the website thing and he said it was him who made it. He said he was trying to get me over Eric and thought if he did that it would piss him off and we would get into it and I would finally be done. Needless to say I chewed his ass out and demanded he tell Eric the truth. He said he didnt want to. I was so angry that he would let this happen and go on!! I wanted to hurt him. So I had to get back into work and I ended the call. I text him while inside begging him to just call Eric and tell him the truth. He never responded. On my next cigarette break I tried calling him again, but he had either in the time span of an hour changed his number or blocked me but I could not get through to him. So I am now dealing with Eric wanting me dead for something I did not do. I have things I could do to make Eric suffer and I said I would do them, but I just cant. I love and care about him too much. God! FML!! Why can't people just be honest to others?! I dont want to hurt Eric anymore!! I fucking love him and no one seems to know that or care!! Did no one read that fucking post I put on here last night?! Do people think I just posted that for fun?! Hell no!! I did it cuz it was to put everything down and realize that this is not just some young puppy love but real love. I just wish people would not use me to get Eric angry cuz it is just making it worse for me.



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