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Brown Eyes

Lady Gaga has a song I relate to better than any at this point in my life. It is called brown eyes. In the song she is recalling someone she loved and how she lost him. Mistakes were made and she regrets them. She states that she "guess its just a silly song about you... and how i lost you and your brown eyes".  Well that is relatively close to how I feel bout everything that has between Eric and I. She says she knows it's time to say goodbye and I know that as well. But it does not make it any easier. She touches on that as well in the song. This is one of Gaga's few slow songs she has written and sung. It is weird how when things dont go how you want them and you  think it is the end that you see songs and quotes in a while new light. I believe this is because you are so happy that you never think that could happen to you. Yet, when it does happen you find things that relate to you and your situation that you had before never thought would relate in a million years. For example the song by Rascal Flatts titled "What Hurts the Most" In this song the band expresses how someone lost someone so close to them they wanted it to be over or for it to be like it was before. And people never think they will relate to the song and when something happens that they do relate to it they realize no person is exempt from the pains, hurts and losses of life. But they also get to the point that they realize they are not exempt from the joys, happiness and gains that life will give them. It just takes time and only time can heal wounds. Unfortunately Evanescence has a song titled "My Immortal" in this song Amy is speaking of how she lost the only person she ever loved and how things will never be the same. How that persons presence and essence still lingers. And how it is too much to handle. This song does find its way into some peoples lives. It is the worst feeling to ever have to live with but sometimes it will find its way into our life. There is not one person on this planet that is exempt from the pains and sufferings that this world bring, but in the same essence not one person is exempt from the happiness and joy it can bring. 



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